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In and For the Media
Being active advocates for Sign Language and Disability rights Bilby Publishing has also played an active role within the Media and is also happy to talk to members of the media. This page includes a history of media appearances and information for members of the press.

If you are a member of the press and would like to organise an interveiw, access a press realease, or download support photos and material for your story please go to our 'For the Media' at the base of this page.

Media Stories and Appearences
Speaking Up for Speech Impairment Services - ABC Radio - 16/6/2009

In our continuing series on living with a disability in the South East, today we turned our attention on speech impairment. It's a condition that affects a lot of people for a wide range of reasons...and that can impact on your capacity to access services.

Disability advocate, Lee Bilby along with parent, Christine Quilton joined Tim this morning to share their experiences including 5 year waiting lists and to emphasise the importance of early intervention - even if it's increasingly hard to obtain.

Listen/Download this file (mp3, 4.77MB)

Disabilty, what was and was not in the budget - ABC Radio - 6/2009

Lee Bilby, as invited guest of the ABC, raises issues highlighted in the 'Disability in the Budget, 2009' report by Carers Association of Australia and discusses the lack of funding for disability within this years budget.

Heated discussion erupts via talk back for over one hour over the problems and beurocratic hurdles and obsticals faced by carers of people with a disability.

This was the first in a 6 week special on Disability with Lee Bilby on ABC Radio.

Discussion on Disability Services - ABC Radio - 14/4/2009

With the release of a discussion paper by the NSW Opposition on disability services, we invited a number of people to join the discussion.

Lee Bilby, of Bilby Publishing the only Australian producer of Auslan resources, was in the studio with Dr Ken Baker, CEO of National Disability Services, and NSW Shadow Minister for Aging and Disability, Andrew Constance, both on the phone.

Key issues of lack of access and underreporting were just some that prompted a number of calls, especially from parents of children with disabilities. You can join the discussion by sending through a comment.
Listen/Download this file (Mp3)

Hazel Edwards and Lee Sign Hippo story for simultanious story project - 2006

As ambasitor for Literacy Week 2006 Hazel Edwards reads 'There's a Hippopotomus on the roof' and 'Goodnight Me' to the students of Highvale Primary School, while Lee Bilby simultaniously signs the stories in Auslan.

A Giant Leap For Auslan Storytelling

The first ever visual story is launched, Hazel Edwards' story 'Where Did My Birthday Leap To?'. Hazel Edwards discusses the journey to publication and why she beleives visaual stories are vital for deaf literacy.
Read/Download this file (pdf)

Bega District News Article
Children Sign Books at the Library - 8/12/2006

Bega District News Story about the storytelling at the local library for the release of Australia's for Auslan Storybook by Marie Kerwin
View/Download this file (gif, 790Kb)

QLD Health, Deafness and Mental Health Newsleter QLD Health, Deafness and Mental Health Newsleter - March 2006

Review of SignSwap (page 2). SignSwap images used throughout with permission
View/Download this file (jpg, 205k)

Hearing Awareness Week article, Bega District News "Communicating by signing" - 22/08/2005

Article about Hearing Awareness Week and the display put on by Bega businesses.
View/Download this file (jpg, 533k)

Disability ACT Newsletter "Auslan sign-sharing for kids" - Autumn 2004

Review of SignSwap and Sign Links Page. Disability ACT Newsletter, page 16.
View/Download this file (jpg, 270k)

Bega Signing Weekend - Eden Magnet "Signers let their fingers do talking" - 04/11/2004

Story by Emma Langers. Eden Magnet - Thursday, 4th November 2004
Coverage of the Bega Valley Signing Weekend, organised by Bilby Publishing.
View/Download this file (jpg, 477k)

AATD Newsletter Review - Sep. 2004

Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf (Qld) Newsletter, page 8.
View/Download this file (jpg, 221k)

For the Media
Members of the media and administrators of websites and newsletters are free to use/publish any of the material contained within the Press releases listed below.

You may also download and use any of the product photographs and page example images contained within the website for the purposes of promoting that product.

You will also find that press release listings below now also include links to various images associated with the release, in high res form, for you to download and use.

If you require any other images, or assistance in any way, or wish to arrange an interview with us or any of our authors please do not hesitate to contact us Mon-Fri 9am-5pm on Ph 1800 245 297, or fill in our contact form (opens in a seperate window) online now.

Sign For Summer Information Sheet Sign Language a big hit on the Web - 29th May 2006

The staggering popularity of SignSwap, statistical breakdown.
View/Download this file (pdf, 133k)
Visit the website
Acara Information Sheet Acara - 6th May 2006

Produced by Bilby Publishing, to help promote this new Auslan "Signing People's" group.
View/Download this file (pdf, 1.13Mb)
Visit the website
Sign For Summer Information Sheet Sign For Summer Nov 2005 - Mar 2006

This information brochure explains the situations where hearing aid technology does not go ... but signing can.
View/Download this file (gif, 76k)
Visit the website
Hearing Awareness Week Information Sheet Hearing Awareness Week. What is it all about?

This information brochure explains the importance of hearing awareness as well as What hearing Awareness Week intends to do.
View/Download this file (gif, 109k)
6 Signs Change Parenting Info Sheet 6 Signs that change Parenting

This informative pamphlet introduces 6 AUSLAN Signs that parents could teach their Children to communicate with them as well as introduce them to this intelectually advancing language.
View/Download this file (gif, 100k)
Toddler Signs / Hearing Awareness Week 2005 Poster Hearing Awareness Week Poster A4

A smaller version of our Toddler Signs/ HAW Comemorative Poster that you can print out and put on your wall. (What the lawyers call free for non-profit use)
View/Download this file (jpg, 3.6Mb)
Parent sign Tree
Bega Valley Sign Weekend (2004), View .doc file
Children sign for their parents
SignSwap Origional Logo Sign Swap Launch
"It's a great site filling a need for instant online access to help Australians learn sign language", said Lee Bilby, Manager...
View .rtf file
Sign With Me Cover Sign With Me 1.0 Launched (March 2004)
A small company in the Bega Valley, rural NSW have released a CD-Rom for PC's which is purpose built for families with young children who have just been diagnosed with a hearing loss or speech impairment....
View .doc file

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