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Parenting Stories and Guides

A wonderful, inspirational collection of parents stories, self help books for parents, and technical and user friendly guides for teachers and parents alike.


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Hearing Impaired Infants - Support in the First Eighteen Months

The tremendous amount of work that goes into the diagnosis and subsequent management of a young child with a permanent sensory-neural hearing loss involves both professionals from health and education services and parents.


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Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication

An increasing number of families and professionals are involved with severely communication-impaired children, adolescents and adults who use alternative communication systems to compensate for delayed systems and strategies that can be used to increase the communicative possibilities of people with limited spoken language. The authors discuss factors that are important when choosing communication systems, assessment strategies, environmental adaptation, and the principles for teaching comprehension and use of such communication systems to individuals with different disabilities; including motor impairments, learning disability and autism.


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Time To Talk - Parents Accounts of Children\'s Speech Difficulties

"Time to Talk" is about the experience of having a child with early difficulties in learning to talk. It is based on the accounts of the parents of 20 children who took part in a research project, evaluating the effectiveness of community-based speech and language therapy for pre-school children.


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The Cochlear Implant, Parents Tell Their Stories

This wonderfully presented, non-biased book provides insight into the dilemmas faced by parents with a deaf child. Through the stories of 9 children, the reader shares the trials and knowledge acquired through the individual journeys from diagnosis, to school, the adoption of various communication tools and the roads of research that lead to their decisions.


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Deaf Australian Stories 2

Continuing on from her first book, Carol O"Reilly again brings us the fascinating biographs of 55 amazing Deaf Australians. Stories are accompanied by beautiful Photographs and divided under sections Art and Theatre; Community and Education; Immigrants; Vocational Guidance; Technology; 19th Century and Wartime stories.


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What do we do now?

When your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss it can be a confusing time. This DVD guides parents through the various communication options available to them in a non-biased manner and is an excellent resource for all parents of newly diagnosed children.

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