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Seeing Voices - Oliver Sacks
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Seeing Voices - Oliver Sacks

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With Seeing Voices, Dr. Sacks launches on a journey into the world of the deaf, which he explores with passion and insight.

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Seeing Voices begins with the history of deaf people in the United States, the often outrageous ways in which they have been seen and treated in the past, and their continuing struggle for acceptance in a hearing world. And it examines the amazing and beautiful visual language of the deaf Sign which has only in the past decade been recognized fully as a language, linguistically complete, rich, and as expressive as any spoken language.

"The existence of a visual language, Sign, and of the striking enhancements of perception and visual intelligence that go with its acquisition, shows us that the brain is rich in potentials we would scarcely have guessed of, shows us the almost unlimited resource of the human organism when it is faced with the new and must adapt." Oliver Slacks

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Open Your Eyes
This book shows how culture contributes vital insights on issues of identity, language and power; and ultimately challenges our culture´s obsession with normalcy.

This is an American book. The editor, Professor Dirksen Bauman is a professor of Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University. While the book is written from the American perspective it is just as applicable to Australian Deaf Culture as it is American.
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Damned for Their Difference - The Cultural Construction of Deaf People as Disabled
This Australian book provides a Sociological understanding of disabling practices that combines history and biography with the study of social structures and processes. This book will help you gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be deaf, and how Deaf people are treated differently and marginalised by others.
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A Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family
In this remarkable memoir, Walker recreates the pain and the joy of growing up between two worlds: her deaf parents´ loving but silent home, and the often confusing world she encountered outside those walls, and of which she was inevitably a part.
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Deaf Like Me
Written by the uncle and father of a little girl who happens to be deaf, this story sensitively weaves reality and learning in with a fairly simple account of coming to terms with deafness, and the family´s fight to teach their deaf daughter to speak.
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Constructing Deafness
This book examines how deafness and deaf people are viewed within education, linguists, social political, as well as presented within film and fiction. It examines the perspective of deaf people themselves and current issues within a historical perspective. How are recent developments challenging established ideologies?
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When the Mind Hears - A History of the Deaf
Traces the history of the deaf through the eyes of Laurent Clerc, a deaf Frenchman who was the intellectual leader of the deaf community in France, then in America.
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Hearing the Need
Hearing the Need is an account of the momentous changes that have occurred in the lives of deaf and hearing impaired Australians since the 1950s. It records the achievements of an Australian community in the area of education, technological developments and legal rights.
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The Cochlear Implant, Parents Tell Their Stories
This wonderfully presented, non-biased book provides insight into the dilemmas faced by parents with a deaf child. Through the stories of 9 children, the reader shares the trials and knowledge acquired through the individual journeys from diagnosis, to school, the adoption of various communication tools and the roads of research that lead to their decisions.
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Deaf Australian Stories 2
Continuing on from her first book, Carol O"Reilly again brings us the fascinating biographs of 55 amazing Deaf Australians. Stories are accompanied by beautiful Photographs and divided under sections Art and Theatre; Community and Education; Immigrants; Vocational Guidance; Technology; 19th Century and Wartime stories.

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