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                                                     About Us     In/For the Media

About our Authors and the People we Work With
We work with and represent over 42 separate Authors. Some are organisations, others schools; a number are members of the Deaf Community, and some are parents or professions with knowledge and experience to share.

The list is constantly growing; but here are short bio's of some of the authors and associations Bilby Publishing work with and represent:
  • Deaf Can Do
    Formally known as The Royal Deaf Society of South Australia, Deaf Can Do and Bilby Publishing have been working together to distribute their course material for well over 6 years.

    They have been teaching AUSLAN for many many years and understand that, while studying sign language in a classroom environment is preferred, there are many Australians who, for reasons of distance and work and family obligations find it impossible to attend a class. Over the years both Deaf SA and Bilby Publishing have received many enquiries from people who would love to learn AUSLAN but have been unable to attend a course. Deaf SA brought us the solution! ...look at their products
  • The Kerwin's
    James Kerwin is profoundly deaf and well respected within the Deaf community. He currently works for NABS (National Auslan Booking Service) as a communications consultant. He communicates primarily in Auslan; however he is also well respected for his English literacy and competency. His mother Marie is a dedicated parent who works effortlessly to support Auslan adoption wherever she can. She is also respected for her multimedia skills, which have been utlised in projects like A Time To Sign, and Something To Sign About
    ...look at their products
  • Carol O'Reily
    Carol was born deaf in 1940. Her father, Dr. Fredrick Wilkie Smith was an eminent Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist in Sydney. Although Carol was a member of the NSW Deaf Society, communication was 'oral' and via lip reading. It was no until Carol left Sydney to visit the Melbourne Deaf community that she was first introduced to signed communication. Excited by the notion she quickly learned sign language and made many friends within the Deaf community. She traveled to London, where she met her husband (Paddy O'Reily), who was also deaf. They had two children, who both grew up multilingual (learning Irish Sign, Auslan and English). She is an active member of the Deaf community, and amongst many active positions she was a Director on the Board of the Australian Association of the Deaf, Secretary for the Queensland Association of the Deaf and the President of the Queensland Theatre of the Deaf. Carol is also credited with gaining the seeding and recurrent funding to establish the FNQ Deaf Interpreting Service in Cairns. As you have probable already worked out, Carol is not one to sit still. She has gone on to help establish the Aboriginal and Islander Deaf Dance group, and attend many national and international Congress and Conferences for the Deaf. ...look at her book - Deaf Australian Story
  • Lisa Mills
    Deaf since birth and fluent in both spoken English and British Sign Language, Lisa Mills is a highly renowned visual theatre director for deaf and hearing youth in the UK and for deaf youth in developing countries such as Africa and India. She is also a trainer in Deaf Awareness, Sign Language and nonverbal communication for community and corporate groups. ...look at her book - Look At Me
  • Latrobe University
    Latrobe University have been offering Auslan studies for many decades. Through their experience and expertise they have been able to develop a large range of resources to assist people learning Auslan (Australian Sign Language). We were proud to be asked to represent them some years ago and continue to work with them today.
    ...look at their products
  • Deafness Foundation
    A not-for-profit umbrella organisation raising funds to support the Deaf and hearing impaired through research, prevention, education, early detection and technology. The products they produce help raise much needed funds for this important work. ...look at their products
  • Dorothy O'Brien
    Dorothy is a para-professional Auslan interpreter and deafness consultant, who set to documenting inspirational stories for parents tackling the daunting task of making choices for their deaf child...her book is an excellent read. ...look at her book
  • Nigel Coates, the Australian Theatre of the Deaf and Thomas Patterson School
    These guys got together a great number of years ago now to put together the most wonderful stories in Auslan I have ever seen. Bilby Publishing is very proud and pleased to work exclusively with the resulting products (Toddies Tales 1 and 2) to distribute them nationally now on DVD....look at the DVDs
  • The Victorian College for the Deaf
    It's been over five years now that Bilby Publishing has been able to work with the Victorian College on sign language resources, but also on other fund raising projects. The join venture DVD 'Grandma Leaps the Antarctic' was very exciting, as it was the first Visual Story to be released in all about it
  • Royal Institute for The Deaf and Blind (RIDBC)-Renwick Centre
    We have worked with RIDBC since 2008 to help them distribute Trevor Johnson' Signs of Australia; and the Survival Guide To Auslan; as well as their 'Technical Signs' dictionary. ...look at their products (page also includes more information about Trevor Johnson and Adam Schembri)

  • Deaf Children Australia
    Deaf Children Australia is a national not-for-profit advocacy group based in Melbourne. From time to time they have been able to utilise the skills and expertise of their staff to produce resources to help people learning Auslan. Bilby Publishing distribute these products for Deaf Children Australia.
    ...look at their products
  • Adam Hills
    One of Australia�s most talented and well-traveled comedians, Adam has begun performing live with an Auslan interpreter, Leanne Beer (Auslan Interpreter). "My use of a signer came about many years ago when I was hosting a disability arts conference in Adelaide that had a signer. The headlining comedian (Steady Eddie) was running late, so I was asked to do some of my act. The deaf people laughed a lot, and the hearing people laughed at the signs. And so did I. Ever since then I have used a signer for the occasional performance, and regularly in Edinburgh, Melbourne and Adelaide Festivals."
    ...look at their products
  • Claire Cooper
    Claire is an Auslan interpreter in Mildura whose work saw her meet many parents, new to Auslan, and struggling to learn it for their children. This motivated her to develop a range of resources to help support parents at the beginning stages of sign acquisision....look at her products
Are you an author?
We are open to new Sign Language or Autism based products. If you are an author you can send products or manuscripts to us; however, due to the large number of submissions we can not guarantee return of products, so DO NOT SEND US ORIGINALS. We also do not accept submissions of children's stories without a special needs focus. Contact Us for more information

Bilby Publishing is an established publishing house.
To avoid getting bogged down in the detail, let's try to quickly cover this in point form

We can help you with all aspects of production such as:
  • Preparation of content
  • Licensing of our sign images, or those of others
  • Professional Desktop Publishing
  • Programming, whether for desktop, web or mobile device
  • Arrangement of production of the product, whether printing, sewing, pressing CD's/DVD's or duplicating videos
  • Registration of ISBN and with book databases, libraries, and major book stores across the country.

We can help you with the promotion of your resource through our extensive network:
  • Press release preparation and distribution
  • Website design and management
  • Preparation and production of promotional material or items
  • Website advertising on SignSwap, a heavily used site

We can help you with the sale and distribution of your resource:
  • Through our online and phone sales and support system
  • Order fulfillment and invoicing
  • Distribution and promotion to bookshops around Australia

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